FIFA’s Contribution to Women’s Football

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FIFA’s Contribution to Women’s Football 

Association football for women or more commonly known as women’s footballor women’s soccer has been one of the contact sports for women that have slowly been gaining popularity in terms of the number of players joining as well as the number of viewers watching the games. Though not as popular as men’s football, the International 0a198c_b631ecc4b5154eb6b0f5f0491b0e98a7Federation of Association Football or FIFA has not left them behind nor have they forgotten them. In fact the mission of FIFA in relation to women’s football is to promote the development of the said sport and they have pledged to support the sport in financial terms so that female players, coaches, referees and officials will be given the opportunity to become actively involved. They have also assisted and contributed to the increased public awareness that is why we have been seeing, hearing and reading women’s football news in sports channels and newspapers. FIFA has also done information campaigns so that women’s standing in society will improve and also to overcome cultural and social hindrances that women have been experiencing up until now.

FIFA’s goals in relation to women’s football do not necessarily pertain to improving football techniques but their goals are the following: to improve the infrastructure of women’s football in the confederations and member associations, to organize women’s football symposia and conferences, to increase the proportion of women and girls playing football at the grassroots, in schools and at amateur and professional levels, to promote and develop women’s and girls’ football in the member associations, to analyze and monitor technical developments in women’s football, to constantly improve the quality, the organization and the expansion of FIFA women’s football competitions, to organize coaching and training courses for female players, coaches, referees, doctors and officials, to constantly improve the quality, the organization and the expansion of FIFA women’s football competitions and lastly, to create conditions for more women to occupy technical and managerial positions in football, including the domains of refereeing, coaching, medicine, media and administration.


All of FIFA 209 member associations are benefiting from the different programs that the organization has developed throughout the years. The support they give to their member associations pertain to providing expertise teaching and promotional material to football equipment and financial assistance. There are actually nine different programs offered by FIFA to their member associations and these programs focused on the four main areas of football development, namely the following: competitions, management, education and promotion.

Because of the biased treatment that women football players often encounter in relation to risks and benefits of the sport for the health of female players, FIFA’s health arm, the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) did a research and recently published a booklet entitled “Health and fitness of the female football player”. The booklet contains information about the health and fitness of women football players and how they differ from the men. The booklet discusses information pertaining to female specific health issues, injury prevention, nutrition and bone protection. With these measures that FIFA has been doing, women’s football should rise to fame in no time.

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Womens Football on the Rise

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Womens Football on the Rise

Women have always been considered second string in a lot of sports. This includes basketball, American football, association football, etc. And when I say second string, it means that when you think about that particular sport, the first that comes to mind are men playing the sport. Most contact sports seem to be that way and the only sports that women really get a lead on would be volleyball, gymnastics, ice skating or synchronized swimming. But in the past few years, people are slowly giving interest towards women and contact sports. Women’s football seems to be on the rise in terms of the number of women playing the sport and also in terms of viewership. Even women’s football news is making it to sports channels from time to time.

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As of the moment, women’s football, also known as women’s soccer is considered to be the most well known team sport played by women worldwide. A lot of countries have formed teams of women playing professional football and as of the last count, there are one hundred and seventy six national teams that participate in different championship leagues. The football techniques that they employ are not much different from that of men’s football.

If you base it on history, women’s football has not gained much support from its male counterparts. Although at one point, it reached a ‘golden age” in the nineteen twenties, where one match was viewed by fifty thousand people, the Football Association or FA themselves banned the sport to women in nineteen twenty one. They disallowed women’s football games from the grounds used by its member clubs. This ban was prolonged and only got lifted in July of nineteen seventy one.

There are currently about five major international competitions in women’s football and they are the following: the UEFA Women’s Championship, Women’s World Cup, the Copa Libertador77045181-007es de Fútbol Femenino , the Olympics and the Football Association Women’s Challenge Cup.  The UEFA Women’s Championship more commonly known as Women’s Euro officially started in 1982 and as of the present, the competition has been dominated by the German team, having won six championships in a row, the most recent of which was in 2013. The Women’s World Cup also known as the FIFA Women’s World Cup is less stellar and less hyped up than the men’s version and is currently being dominated by the United States team. The game actually drew a huge crowd in the year 1999, when United States hosted the competition. About ninety thousand people went to see the final game live at that time in Pasadena. As for the Copa Libertadores de Fútbol Femenino (also called Copa Libertadores Femenina), this is the only CONMEBOL club competition for women. The women’s football in the Olympics was introduced in 1996 without any restrictions regarding age and professionalism. And as for the Football Association Women’s Challenge Cup, it was first known as the Mitre Trophy in 1970 and is now known as the FA Women’s Cup. Their current champion is Arsenal.

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Recommended Exercises to Promote Kicking Strength

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Recommended Exercises to Promote Kicking Strength


One of the most recommended football techniques that help women’s football get more power and winning chances in their future games is the kick. It is always emphasized in women’s football news, especially during the games, although the media does not deliberately go out of their way to explain what they are doing. Many of the best players of football in the world have mastered control and speed over their football techniques. These two attributes are associated directly with strength and power. It takes a lot of explosiveness and endurance to have the best and realistic football kicking strength. In order to achieve something like amazing leg power, you only need to concentrate on performing leg exercises, thus giving and building more reactive power to your legs and also at the same time allow you to make very strong kicks, and control them through the entire game.


Muscular Endurance Routine

Performing repetitive motions on the same area each day will build up on muscular endurance. One of the highly recommended ways to build up on kicking strength in the football game is to utilize kicking drills. You can carry out the basic bodyweight kicks or utilize the lighter ankle weights in order to build up your strength. For your kicking drills, arrange between 7 to 10 soccer balls arranged in a row facing the goal. Begin with the closest ball that you can kick with your most powerful leg, and then afterwards practice the free kick. Try changing the distance, angles and lengths of the kicking line apart from your goal in the field, and repeat your basic kicking drill.


Single Leg Workout

This is actually the first step for you if you wish to build up on your kicking strength for the game. You begin with the single leg exercise set-up. This is a kind of exercise that works on all of the muscles of the leg and as you progress with your exercise, you add more degree of difficulty to it. Start on a stable platform 9285measuring about one to two feet from the ground. Place one of your feet on the platform, and then slowly distribute the weight of your body evenly across your foot. Step up on the platform and maintain balance, then step down back to the ground. Repeat this exercise for about nine to twelve repetitions each leg. You can even use an even more difficult platform, such as an unstable one, to get on more challenging situations.


Advanced Level

Moving on to advance levels such as the power clean, this is a kind of exercise that helps build up on the knee and hip extenders, which are the initial muscles utilized for explosive kicks. Make use of a belt that supports your back and ask a favor from a trainer that will help assist you in spot in your weight. Start with standing at the front of the barbell that comes with weights from medium to heavy loads. Kneel down then make an overhand grip over the bar. Keep the arms straight then lift it up to the shoulders. Extend the legs up to full extension then lower the barbell back to the floor. Do this for up to five times.

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Developing Leg Power for Women Football Players

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Developing Leg Power for Women Football Players


Watching women play football is similar to watching men doing their own thing, too. What is similar is the strategies and skills they use to win the game. But what makes one team very powerful that they make it all the way to the championships? Just like it was mentioned, effective strategies and skills, but these two are not enough if the players in the team do not have teamwork. Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses and each of the players compliment each other that make a powerful team. Women’s football also employ the same strategies like men’s football, do. One of the effective football techniques that women should have if they want to play soccer football is developing their leg power. This is very important in order to have a very powerful kick of the ball during the game.


There is more hope for you if you think your kick is too graceful or weak. You always have the time to improve the power of your kicks by doing the following steps.

 London Olympics women Soccer

Step 1. Set up your baseline, which will be the starting point on how you are going to develop your leg power and other places that you want to address. Measure how high your jump is by tapping a certain point of the wall with the use of a chalk or tap the vanes of the jump-measuring device. This will give you a solid gauge on the strength of your leg. Perform single leg and bodyweight squat with one leg at a time. This is best performed if you have one of your teammates measure on how low your body can go. Also, ask a favor from your teammate to note you on whether you can hold the squat steadily without having to touch the floor with your forward leg. This will give you indicators on your potential weaknesses in regards to your less dominate leg. Don’t forget to track your results daily.


Step 2. Perform a workout on your lower-body which increases the strength of your leg combined with training on endurance. Don’t forget to do a warm-up first composed of jogs or cariocas. Apply kettlebell or dumbbell squats to your calf raises, 100-meter sprints of stationary bike sprint; supine leg curls with exercise ball, dumb bell side lunges and additional track or bike sprint. Repeat circuit exercises as least 3 or 4 sets, putting up a minute interval rest between the sets.


Step 3. Concentrate on functional balance and strength, including your explosiveness utilizing bodyweight exercises, but do this on a different day. Include forward lunges, squat jumps, step-ups, heel raises and squats.


Step 4. Add specific exercises that aim for goalies. Perform different set of step-ups holding the soccer ball directly the overhead, onto the low bench, and fully bringing the lead knee up towards the chest. Reverse the motion back onto the ground then repeat on other side.


resizerWomen’s football takes a lot of practice and probably will find smallimprovements on months or years, depending on the frequency of your exercises.

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